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There are different reasons why some dogs do not have papers.

In Czech and in Europe in order to breed pups who will have papers the parents must have:
a. Show
b. Title
c.  Breed Survey
That takes about 1+ year of work, campaign and training efford. Many people do not care about this, or do not have time for it,  but they  produce excellent dogs. These dogs do not have papers though .

The dogs without papers are quality dogs often sold to police and S&R and to people who do not want to breed  and so on and have a limited budget. 

There are other reasons.

For example:
During the flood  in 1997 where 1/3 of Czech republic was under water we have rescued many excellent dogs, trained them, and then sold them for less then normal price.

Many dogs were given to us by desperate people who have lost everything and lived in shelters or with relatives.  These dogs came from loving homes.

Even now There are often circumstances where we take in excellent quality dogs from people who died or similar cases. We then train these dogs and sell them for less then dogs with papers to cover our expenses and with nominal profit. These dogs are health , quality, well trained and socialized dogs for lesser price. These dogs are then about 25% cheaper in comparison to papered dogs. When selecting a dog for yourself always pay attention to if the dog has papers.