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AlpineK9's owner Hans in Surprise AZ, USA put together with Jiri Novotny,  the creator of famous "z Pohranicni straze"  seminar on genetics and on history of genetics of
"z Pohranicni straze" line.  Hans was acting as an interpreter of  this seminar and later conducted "Prey vs. Defense" seminar. People came from as far as New York and Maryland.
Jiri is a creator of this world renown and unique line thus we got it from the source. These are uniquely true working dogs as they were originally intended. They were bred and genetically selected by people of Czech border patrol under Jiri's leadership, who actually worked with these dogs as border guards. This had been uniquely done in genetically controlled environment in genetically significantly  large numbers and based on repeated tests of the breeding stock and it's progeny.  This is the line, which had significant impact on the world of working GSD. These days this line  is getting muddled. However  AlpineK9 together with Jiri are the only ones preserving these working  strains of GSD through this seminar, certifications, educations and through our unique selective breeding program .

Hans of AlpineK9 then conducted seminar on "Prey and defense drive and training in dogs".

Jiri then evaluated some dogs from point of conformation and workability. We have had a lot of fun, great day, great food, great beer. We had a great 2 days. Here are some quotes of people attending.


Great Seminar & very informative and well worth the trip!
I also want to say Hello & all the Best to all the People whom attended. Its good to see people seriously interested in these Great Bloodlines.
Their was something to be learned by all whom attended young and Old. I highly suggest to anyone  to attend the next one..... if you possibly can. This is a once in
a lifetime opportunity .  Also; Debbie's Cooking is Excellent!! Yes...... I couldn't stop eating the
sweets! Kudos to Han's @ Alpine K-9  for putting together something that was truly educational & Fun.



Thank you again for having us out. We really appreciated yours and Jiri's hospitality and camaraderie as well as your willingness to share information. Hopefully we can do this again in the near future.

Don't forget to thank your wife for a great lunch as well!!!


It was a good time with good people!! Plus a beautiful day!!


January 2010 Seminar
Phil graduated from Air Force K9 academy. 
CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!    Phil - former
student of AlpineK9!  Phil (in front)
graduated from top of his class is thanking 
From Phil .............
It took me many  years but finally things
worked out. You would be pleased to know
that when I graduated K9 school at
LacklandAFB Texas that I graduated with
full honors taking the TOP DOG award for
block 1& 2(block one protection/ block 2
detection) and I maintained  the highest
overall test scores in the entire class
ultimately winning an additional award from
AETC general ( major Air Force
Commander) for taking every award the
class offered. There's no way that I could
have accomplished that had it not been for
all those weekends at your place learning
the basics and a solid foundation into the
world of K9 handling. So I graciously
accepted those awards in your name.
Thank you for all your efforts and hours of
training that really helped me when it
counted most! I feel as though I owe many
things to you to include portions of my
military career so anytime I can help you
out I'm very willing. Thanks again old friend.
I will be keeping in touch you can count on
that! Phil

Hello Phillip,I want to congratulate you for
your awards and achievements. You have
learned well, and it is you who got the
awards not me. Thank you for your kind
words and I am VERY PROUD OF
YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are example what is
America all about. It has been your hard
work and willingness to succeed. Always
your friend. Hans

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