All Dogs and Puppies are Sold on Strictly a First come First Serve Basis.  There is no other Preference.
This Means:
The Dog or Pup is For Sale until the Deposit arrives. In cases of multiple deposits, the first one that arrives gets the dog. 
If your deposit is not the first one then your funds may be credited to a different Dog or Puppy or Returned as you desire.
We keep exact records of the dates and times when all deposits are received.



Please understand that based on our agreement with our affiliates and even though you get additional benefits with us
the price is same or less regardless of if you buy the same dog or puppy from AlpineK9 or from our affiliate kennel in Europe.
Please call me if you find any discrepancies, for more details or if you have any questions.

Our prices are very competitive and fair.
Price is mainly based on: Pedigree, training potential, level of training, age and other factors.

Pricing Discounts:

For Private Purchases of :
1. Active Military Personal and VFW: 10%
2. Active LE (Police) Personal: 10%
3. Law Enforcement Offices and Security Companies: 10%
4. Disabled People if Purchasing a Dog for Support Work: 10%
5. Multiple Purchases: 10%-25% (Based on amount)
6. Subsequent Purchases: 10% - 25%
7. Discounted Wholesale Pricing is also available. Please call me for details

Only One Type of Discount Per Purchase.


You will get certain benefits with AlpineK9 (regardless where in the world you live) most
of which You will not get with any other breeder.

Here they are:
1. ONLY from Alpinek9 You will get substantial DISCOUNTS on multiple and subsequent purchases.

2. ONLY from AlpineK9 You will get  substantial DISCOUNTS on training of a dog purchased from AlpineK9.

3. ONLY from AlpineK9 You will get WARRANTY here in USA and not in Europe and will resolve any problems here in USA.

4. ONLY from AlpineK9 You will get FREE continuous PERSONALIZED SUPPORT on training, nutrition and health of your dog.
   I (Hans) am only as far as Your phone ready to help. (You are not bothering me at all with any questions, even if You are not buying anything.)

5. ONLY from AlpineK9 You will get FREE handlers course in our facility with purchase of trained dog.

6. ONLY from AlpineK9 You will get FREE video (Czech commands for Czech dogs) with purchase of trained dog.

7. ONLY AlpineK9 will deliver trained dogs and gives you a handler's course anywhere in the world for reasonable fee.

8. ONLY from AlpineK9 You will get FREE advice on matching of pedigrees of dogs which you are purchasing for Your breeding program.

9. ONLY AlpineK9 will  arrange the shipping to the main international airport near You for minimal available COST with NO additional profit for me.

10. ONLY AlpineK9 will for (without profit for me), if necessary, help you during import process to get custom broker without oppening an accout              with one.

Handler's course

Handler's, course is 4 -14 days course which is free with purchase of our dog if done at "Phoenix" AZ and it is a part of what you recieve when you purchase one of our dogs.  For experienced or inexperienced buyer, coming from any walks of life. Like Law enforcement , family,.....
The handler's course may also be performed at the buyers location for a fee. If outside of Phoenix AZ, I deliver the dog or meet the dog with you at the airport if shipped from over sees or arrive after the dog arrived.

Handler's course teaches the buyer why the dog is responding to commands which he/she knows, how to pronounce and accentuate the commands, purpose of the commands and delivery of the commands and hand signals. There is no teaching of new commands to the dog.
It teaches the handler ins and outs and yes and no's of having dogs and psychology which is a base of that particular dog's technique of training.
I answer any questions, make sure that the new home, house or general location is safe for dog.
Last but not least it transfers the dog to the owner meaning the dog learns to accept the buyer as a leader.

I believe that handler's course is extremely important if not an absolute must for experienced or inexperienced handler. To get the dog at the airport in a box without handler's course is akin to learn to drive a car after a purchase of it without any help.

My experience shows that satisfaction with the dog is close to 100% if the buyer gets the handler's course and quite a bit less if the buyers opts out of it.

Recieving the dog without handler's course is possible but not recommended. Repeating the handler's course is also free at Phoenix AZ or it also can be done for a fee at your location repeatedly.

I highly recommend handlers course especially to ANYBODY who is purchasing trained personal protection dog. That applies to professionals like Law enforcement as well as private citizens regardless of their experience.

I will be happy to answer any additional questions. Please call me.

Sincerely Hans
(623) 388 5000

Thanks to Our Soldiers!

Superior Service and Working German Shepherd Dogs for a reasonable cost based on: TRADITION, QUALITY, EXPERIENCE

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