Just wanted to say thank you for the time and effort you take in helping me train my dogs as well as showing and teaching me about dogs, breeding, genetics as well as how to be a better trainer and being a decoy.  I am very grateful and will continue to listen and do as you say.  You and Debbie have been very nice to me and I greatly appreciate it.  I am proud to say that I am learning from you.


Hi Hans,

This is Kristie in California (Urf/Gama long-coat male) Ziev's owner.  Just wanted to let you know just how wonderfully he is doing.  We go all over the city for socialization, he loves it!  Great with people and other animals, quite the gentleman, and very, very smart.  He has the highest desire to please that I have seen in a dog (and I have seen quite a bit)  he is retrieving like a mad man and he has a nose that just does not stop.  I must also tell you just how beautiful he is, his structure, head piece, color, and movement are off the chart.  His adult teeth are starting to show..they are gonna be huge!  His coat is of excellent quality, actually not to terribly long, more of a plush coat, it is easy to keep and he really enjoys the daily brushing.  He is protective of me, and, his bark is like a sledgehammer!  Thanks again for such a wonderful fellow!  Before I forget, do you have any idea on the time-line for his papers?  No rush, I am just curious, that way I will not worry about a time table for their arrival

best wishes,

Kristie M...
I thought you might want a pic or two of one of yours. He has to be the best dog I have ever owned
                                                                           Thanks Rxxx Fxxx
Security Officer at St. Joe's Hospital


I am in Afghanistan right now and been watching one of your dogs do outstanding work.  You come very highly recommended and my friend says you have great instincts and produce top notch dogs.  I am looking at Quint and Bryta's litter.  I would like your recommendation on a suitable male and what your instincts tell you about the individual pups.  I will be home in a couple of weeks and am very interested in this litter. 

x: Name withed.............

Subject: Bady + Matylda od Hradu Lipky = Ogar od Hradu Lipky

Ogar 1 year old , great dog . Tell the people in Czech. he's doing well!! We are working in Schutzhund. Ogar is a hard working dog doing well in all 3 phases.

Thanks again,

You are a Man of your word, a committed and truly experienced person that i enjoyed dealing with,a very honest true to your word and helpful and willing.
when i was looking for Pup, and god knows it hard to get a good GSD here in Bahrain, but with your unconditional help i DID!! and now i am a proud owner of two AMAZING Pups. i would like to thank you for your honesty and friendship and unconditional Aid as it is priceless theses days and its hard to find a person who is experienced and true to the cause of keeping the Legend of Czech GSD alive.

you made it happen HANS, 20 hours my dog flew from Arizona to Bahrain, and he made it safe and sound thanks to you Hans & Debbie.

Name: Boyka Z Alpine K9
Age: 11 Months
Description: AMAZINGLY BRILLIANT Dog, everything i hoped for in a pup. A PURE GSD

Thanks Again
Kinds Regards,

Ali From Bahrain

Subject: Recommended kennel

Hi Lorna,

It was nice talking with you again.  I am truly sorry that you are having issues with Roxanne, and hope that you can get the situation resolved.  As mentioned, I HIGHLY recommend you speak with Hans at Alpine K-9.  I have never met anyone with more knowledge and experience, and I think that you should call and speak with him directly so that you can tell him what it is that you are ultimately looking for in your dog.  He will be able to find the perfect dog to fit the needs of your family, and you won't have the hassles that you are currently dealing with.

His website is www.alpinek9.com and the litter that I was telling you about, that I slobbered over is here Quint x Bryta puppies.  As I mentioned, they also have older pups, and adults as well, which may be better for you, but again... PLEASE SPEAK TO HANS and get his input.  He has been doing this for 40+ years and really REALLY knows what he is talking about.

Let me know how you make out, and again...it is no problem to give you a hand. 

I also attached a picture of MY new baby.... Inka.  Although she came from Quebec, her parents were both imported and owned by Hans.

Good luck,

Yes I have, I know you recommended not give a bath first night... But he  really needed it. Though he loved it, I can tell he is going to be a total water rat.  He has gone 48 hours without an accident in the house. He barely cried the first night in the crate, we were prepared for a sleepless night that never came. Nearly fearless for his age too, when our older GSD bitch was introduced to him she wasn't too happy at first.  It didn't not phase him a bit, he refused to back down from her.

Needless to say we are very impressed so far.


M. B.


I received her pedigree papers in the mail yesterday. Thank you very much. Ara is doing very well, our training director has complimented on her strong nerves and solid grip and I value his opinion very much. We have not done a whole lot of obedience yet, just having fun and some foundation bitework/tracking. She is a great pup, thanks for all that you do for the breed and maintaining the qualities they are known for. Have a great day!

M. D.

Hans ----------- just got home from Havasu.
I am in a hurry I have to go to North Las Vegas right now. A quick email to let you know that this pup is beyond belief. I did not put him in the vari kennel in the car on the trip home for  reasons and he impressed me with flying colors. He did not get sick and chased them damn flyes in the car too. I busted up laughing. Tried as he did to catch them he could not. I will email you tomorrow about this pup and how  is beyond my expectations.
He is a special pup as Shiloh, which I also got from you, was. You are two for two.

I will get you feedback also and talk to you about a pup for a fellow worker who is interested in a female for home protection..

Randy G.

I just wanted to say to ya'll again, thanks so much for Luke! I really think he was a good decision for us and I just wanted you to know!!! Ya'll are great people and when we got Luke, that was hopefully just the beginning of a great friendship. I respect the amount of knowledge you both have and your willingness to share that with others.
My husband and I look forward to bringing Luke to the seminar whenever you do find a time that is convenient for you.
Last night it was storming in Sherman. I took Luke outside and he didn't know what that stuff was hitting him on the head. He laid his ears back and kept trying to bite at the raindrops. He makes me laugh too. He swishes his tail side to side like a cat, not like wagging, when I am tossing a ball to him. I've never seen that before.
I am very happy for you on getting a dog you've wanted for 2-1/2 years. I wish you much success in whatever you attempt with Bady, and he is a beautiful animal. I know you're not supposed to pick a puppy based on color, but when I first started looking for a GSD, I looked through your website and saw all the different litters, and I looked at the Jinopo site and made a list of all the males and females that were being used and put them in order of what I thought, at that time, would interest me. Bady happened to be one of my first choices. I had Hanach as my second choice female. My first was Ussy od Roubensky, but I only saw the picture where she was barking at the blind. I see she is no longer on your websites (just an observation). All of this was when I first started looking for a pup. I have learned some and hope to continue and it is nice to hear what you and Debbie and a lot of the other people on the forum have to offer.
Before I got Luke, I was wanting a dark sable, then I was going to get the light colored sable, and then I ended up getting Luke, a solid black. I can't see myself with any other dog now. He fits in really well. When we take him out, there are a lot of people who tell me they've never seen a black German Shepherd. I was in my twenties and I had one, so I know they've been around. It just sounds funny that they've never seen one. It makes sense though, as I am constantly learning new things or getting something, and I'll say I'm in my fifties and I'm just now learning something new, that I should have known about much sooner in my life… Some people think he's part GSD and some don't know what he is. None of that bothers me though. I think he's the perfect GSD for us!
Question - you did mention in the thread that you would be breeding him. Do you have any females in mind yet? Just want to know for future reference. I know you probably already have a line of people wanting a pup from Bady, but the more I hear about him, the more I would be interested in a female, of course at the right time. I know you probably don't know now, but if you can give this some thought on a female/Bady that would be compatible with Luke (Ox x Caribe), that would be great.
Anyway, thanks again and we do appreciate all that ya'll do.
Take care...
Larry and Vicki P.
I am in Sweden I have purchased  DDR Bloodlines items, all DVDs - Set of All 7 DVDs (3 documentary, two obedience, a K9 Art of War, a Czech commander Czech dogs)
and Alpine K-9 Manual

Total: $ 419.00

Have looked at all the DVD's and they are very good and will be of great help for the education of my new service dog in Swedish Armed Forces from Jiri and Jinopo. (Kery Kamo Durabo X Manka Jirkova dvora).

It is not easy to find a good service dog here in Sweden so I think Ji-Xac can be really good as military police dog. Seems to be good instincts in him.

Please send invoice :The invoice must be on:

"xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Sweden"

My puppy, Jak, is terrific!  I love him to pieces.  He is undergoing training right now.  He has exellent prey drive and is very tough.  Nothing bothers him.  He is courageous.   He is house training really well.  I think he has only had an accident one time since I have had him.  I am training him for French ringsport.  So far he has what it takes.  Thank you so much.  I will keep you informed on his progress.  Thanks again!
D. D.
Sand Lake, MI
Dear Hans,
I received my puppy and he is beautiful!  His temperament is wonderful even after traveling so far.  I will keep you updated on his training throughout his career.  Thanks again!
Scottsdale, Az
Hans I contacted you a couple of weeks ago about training for my rottweiler puppy for family protection. I used you about  20 yrs ago to train my other rott Nikato for obedience. You stated we could start at 16 weeks. I want to train the dog w/ czech commands, and would like to know the the proper way to say sit until we meet in 16 weeks. I also would like a ballpark estimate of the cost of family protection training.  thanks you made a really good impression the first time I worked w/ you and look forward to your expertise again.
Thank You Mike S

Dear Hans and Petr,

Hello to you both and Happy New Year.
My sincere wish for you both this year is that you have happiness, good health, and keep producing such wonderful GSD with great success.
The girl Pita, is doing super.
We work everyday with obedience, then we play a bit of tug and release too.
Pita readily and without hesitation performs come, sit, speak, and down and stay with only hand signals.
She is doing super with house manners.  We are working on focused heel.
She rides in the truck and takes daily walks among streets, visits with others, and loves kids.
She waits patiently without instruction when I stop to visit. Or wait in line.
Last night we walked to the bank, when she saw a group of 10-12 year olds sitting on a bench in the square. She perked up and wanted to pull forward to them but I corrected her. When I released her to say hello after a sit, she leaped into their laps and soaked up all the love she could. I commanded after some petting for her to settle and sit and then we said goodbye and she moved on.
She makes friends everywhere, and takes a correction well and usually remembers after one correction.
Our only caution we are working on is when we see the one trigger so far, small yapping toy dogs flitting around everywhere here, for her not to prey grab, to control that instinct for small obnoxious dogs. But really, can you blame her? Tail up, snarling little pips! Don't get me wrong, as we too have Yorkies, but they do not act so terribly, peeing on everything and yapping and nipping like the spoilt one's we meet.
My husband left for Afghanistan January 4th. We had a nice celebration for Orthodox Christmas January 7th. Santa was good to Pita.
Some recent photos below.
Best to you both, John & Patricia Pxxxxx and Family


In my opinion, you sold me a pup of the utmost quality. Ralf is vigorous and showing tremendous drive and responsiveness.
He will be due this weekend for a 5 in 1. I would like to come by with him  and have you take a look at him.

My wife also has some questions for Debbie regarding possible riding lessons for my daughter. Sun am works for us; advise if it does for you.
Jan 26. 2012

Hello There, I always check out your website and I'm more than happy to see the upcoming seminar your going to give, Ive had a german shepherd puppy czech line out of ox z jirkova dvora, can't be more happy than with this dog, it changed the view out of my mind of what I heard of czech dogs that can't be good sport candidates and can't be family dogs, I would love to join the seminar and expand my way to czech dogs. Also, I like the breeding west german and czech there will be very good future for you all
Best regards,
Gnnnnn :)
One of the best recognition which you can get is when people from legendary  kennel like Haus Antverpa come to us at JINOPO to breed to one of our studs.

Jago Jipo Me.

He is a wonderful dog Hans, His ball drive is crazy all he wants to do is fetch the ball. he is very friendly dog , he gets very excited sometimes. As far as his defense, he barks at people if he doesnt know them and but warms up quick to them if i am around. As far as his size goes , I think he might be on the small side , but is it true that these dogs mature slower then other breeds ? overall Hans he is a great dog and soon i would like to get a female from you to complement my you guy, I was looking at Vira Rivie and she is a nice dog with wonderful pedigree .


From Sheriff Mike P.
Axxxx, Ca
Just wanted to let you know Daggi and I are doing great. We're very happy with her. Thanks


p.s. Boy "Cero" is sure a great looking K9, wow!

Hello Hans,

I got my females OFA certifications back. She certified good.  Just thought you would want to know.

She is a Bady/Masa puppy.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Pita at 4.5 Months in Spain

Hello  Hans,
Pita continues to grow well, slow and steady. Going to get her rabies vaccine this week. She is well behaved and calm and obedient. Learning well, long down now is super. My gardener here is a fireman with a female Shepherd from a Spanish breeder nearby in Llira. He is going to introduce us to learning about tracking in the next month. They regularly hold classes, so that is what we will start with. We had quite a cold spell here, many locals said it was the coldest it had been in 50 years. Still wasn't too bad as compared to Norther NY. But sun is shining and it's warming up now. Thanks again for such a nice girl.

Patricia & Family
Friday, February 24, 2012

Hans, I put my daughter down for a nap on Thursday and came in and
checked in her and found this...thought you might get a good laugh.

Just wanted to say how wonderful Jak is.  His parents are Jery x Hanach.  He is definitely going to be a ringsport dog.  I have been introducing different scenarios to him. He isnt afraid of anything. He has superb prey drive and tugs like a fool.  I am working on pieces of exercises in ring with him.  He is a beautiful color and is stocky. He is also food motivated.  He loves other dogs and like i said, he is fearless.  Thanks again on a wonderful puppy.  I will keep you posted on his working career.
Thanks again, DxxDxx

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Sent: Wednesday, March 7, 2012 4:22 PM
Subject: Re: Pup arrived.

The pup is here. I am thrilled. He is alert, curious, and has a very positive temperament. He is a very "nice pup". She has on his papers his name is Luky, I would like to know correct pronunciation because that is what I will call him.
From: Tom Lxxxxxxxxxxxxx
To: Hans from AlpineK9. com <alpinek9@yahoo.com>;
Sent: Wednesday, March 28, 2012 3:46 PM
Subject: Puppy update...

Dear Hans and Debbie,
I am on the plane home right now using free wi-fi so i thought I would send you a little note and picture.
Wesko z AlpineK9 aka " Brabo" is the most unbelievable dog I have ever been around! He slept well last night and only fussed a couple of times. When he was fussing, I took him outside and he promptly went to the bathroom and then wanted to come back in and go to bed! He followed me around everywhere and was not the least bit afraid to explore every inch of my parents house and yard. No problems with any floors, as he was on carpet, tile, concrete, asphalt, stone and landscaping rock! When we got on the plane to come home, he was a little anxious, but just me putting my hand in his carrier he calmed right down and went to sleep. Two flights and not a peep out of him! I can't believe how great he is and how much I love him already! Thank you again for everything you did for me and for the countless questions and phone calls answered. I am very grateful that there are people like you doing such a great job and who care about correct breeding and not just making a sale. Thank you again and we will be in touch with more updates and pictures!
Tom Lxxxxxxxxxxx
March 28, 2012
Thanks for talking to me today about purchasing a puppy for my brother. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Additionally, thanks for the $200.00 Disabled Vet discount reducing the price to $1600.00 plus shipping for pick male. I will send the $500.00 deposit to you ASAP.
BTW, after talking to you on the phone it was fun remembering those old times back in the early 80’s at Shiloh Shepherds in Upstate NY, when everyone owned American bred dogs and thought you were crazy for importing and owning Czech dogs. Thirty years and many Shutzhund clubs later we now realize that you were the only sane one among us.  It took a while for us to get it; you were light years ahead of us in understanding where good working dogs come from.
Sam Cxxxxxx
Saturday, March 31, 2012 5:53 AM
Hello Hans,

Thank you for your reply.  I have been researching breeders for several months now and came across your website.  I was impressed with the quality of your dogs, your knowledge and your warranties.  I presently have 2 German Shepherds- one registered female- daughter on Balu Von Der Kirscheck, and one unregistered male- Grandson of Balu Von Der Kirscheck and father was Czech Boarder patrol. 
My girl is getting older and I would like to get an other female in the not too distant future. 
I am a certified dog trainer specializing in behaviour and have gone to Veterinary school in Budapest Hungary for 4 years.  That being said, I feel that your forum has helped greatly with providing me further knowledge on the German Shepherd breed and topics surrounding them.
When I am ready for a new female puppy, rest assured that I will be contacting you.  I have never bought a dog without first spending a few hours observing the whole litter to see temperaments and personalities but after getting an insite to your knowledge I would feel comfortable with a selection provided by you.
Once again, I thank you for your reply.  I will continue with frequent readings of your forum and will be in touch soon.

Thanking you in advance,

Monday, April 2, 2012 11:34 PM

  Hi Hans! Hope all is going well. I had spoken to you about a year ago about acquiring a companion for my dog Athos. He was retired out the az doc early because a problem with his back and you stood by your warrenty and provided me with a new dog and gave me Athos. He has been doing great at home and can't thank you enough for giving me the opurtuninity to keep him. I am looking for a young female or a pup I want him to have someone to play with while I am away. Let me know what you have available and what your price is now. I know when I talked to you I think you were at 1800 minus the LEO discount. Thank you.
Have a great day.
J... F......
Hello everyone, I just picked up our new puppy from Hans and Debbie last week and wanted to say hello. We have a male from the Pardal x Bara litter, Wesko z AlpineK9 AKA "Brabo"

What a great pup! We flew from Phoenix back to Minnesota and he never made a peep on any of the flights and didn't pee in his carrier! Can't believe that he held it from Phoenix to Minneapolis! He has been super curious and likes to explore his new home. He seems to get more confident every day. He likes to chase anything that moves (especially pant legs and shoelaces!) and is figuring things out very quickly.

We are following Michael Ellis' method of training and only after a couple of days he understands that when I say "Yes" he gets a treat. He can be 30' away and when I say his name he looks at me, I say "Yes" and he tears off running toward me to get his treat! Pretty cool!

He has begun to bond with us already, when people come over he checks them out quick and then comes right back to us, pretty aloof to other people already. Shows no signs of stress when others are around and usually falls asleep after he knows they are ok.

I have been reading here on the forum for quite awhile without registering and the content and people here are great! About my experience purchasing a pup from Hans? Excellent! Hans has always answered my many questions while trying to decide what my needs and wants were in a pup. He is very knowledgeable and will give you the information that you need (not what you want to hear!). When picking up the pup, Debbie was very helpful and obviously cares a great deal for their pups/dogs. The whole process was very painless and not intimidating. I don't know Hans or Debbie other than purchasing a pup from them and have nothing to gain/lose from this. This was just my experience dealing with them. I can say after my experience, that the things written about both Hans and Alpine K9 on other forums is total BS.

Oh yeah, I'm sure you want pictures
From: xxxxxxxxx>
To: alpinek9@yahoo.com
Sent: Wednesday, May 2, 2012 8:46 PM

Hans and Debbie,

The puppy that I picked up today from Czech is amazing!!!  Came out of the crate full of confidence!  LOVE her drives!  She is EVERYTHING I was wanting in a puppy and you guys delivered! I have told all 2,000 of my Facebook friends that I highly recommend you as a breeder/importer and I don't say that lightly. ...............  I can't wait to meet my Bara puppy tomorrow.  If she is as nice of quality as the one you sent today.....I will be a very loyal client for your services.  I have attached a couple pics taken today.  She has gone up stairs, not problem, slippery floors, nice deep civil bark at a jogger in front of my house.  No conflicts.  Very confident and full of herself.

Thanks so much!

I am very excited to get my Bara puppy tomorrow!!

From: Lisa
To: Hans from AlpineK9.com <alpinek9@yahoo.com>
Sent: Friday, May 4, 2012 6:54 PM

Hello Hans,

Just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful puppy.  ( drk sable female – Bady and Caribe )   I named her Rana. 

Rana is doing really well.  She finished puppy class and has now moved on to beginning obedience classes.  She is so intelligent!!  Debbie was correct – she is very busy.. : )
She notices everything!!!  If something is out of place in the house she will bark and let me know.  I am amazed at her intellect at such a young age!   The trainer commented that she has never seen such intelligence in such a young dog.   Everyone is really impressed with her as am I.  She learns so quickly.. 

She has learned sit, down, stay, come, wait, speak , touch, and touch keys..   The touch keys will come in handy since I always loose them.  : )

I just love working with her.. She enjoys it so.. She is so willing and anxious to learn.. She is a true testimony to your amazing breeding program. 

Just wanted to thank you again for the most amazing dog I ever had.. I just Love her so much..

Attached are some pictures of her.. We hike every morning.. She is a wonderful partner...  I am looking forward to when she is old enough to go riding ( horse)  with me..

Please thank Debbie for me as well..
Bless you both...

Lisa  and Rana

From: Gxxxxxxxxxx
To: Hans Alpine K9 <alpinek9@yahoo.com>
Sent: Monday, May 14, 2012 4:40 AM
Subject: RE: Bob/pics

Greetings Debbie/Hans, well Bob seems to enjoy the nice soft grass of Florida and the tropical life. He has been awesome so far, he is very calm and confident and enjoys the freedom of the house, he doesnt enjoy the crate so much and he slept on the floor of the bedroom next to me last night. In the back yard off leash he comes immediately and when its time to go in comes right 2 the backk door and sits, 1 funny thing I guess he had never seen a screen patio and tried to go right through the screen but it stopped him and he gave me a funny look. We just finished our first early morning walk around the lake, 2kms and he was ez and walked great and last evening I walked about half the lake with him my neighbors and there 3 dogs and he was very good and social and just enjoyed the walk. So thats the update and a couple of pics, thanx again for the hospitality and hope Debbie is feeling better. Gxxxxxxx
From: Bxxxxxxxxxx
To: AlpineK9@Yahoo.com
Sent: Tuesday, May 8, 2012 5:16 PM
Subject: Zahne Pictures

Here are the pictures  of Zahne at 18 weeks.

From: kaxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
To: Hans from AlpineK9.com <alpinek9@yahoo.com>
Sent: Tuesday, May 8, 2012 9:58 PM
Subject: kery kamos & Nissa Pup

Hi Hans and Deb

Meant to write you a thank you before now, but better late than never.  Aldo is an awesome pup.  Was dark when we arrived home from your place, so he didn't see too much.  Let him out first thing next morning, and he runs to the fence and barks at anyone that goes up my side drive.  I have rentals in the back.  Very aware of everything and fearless.  We do have to keep lunge whips, with rags attached, with us at all times.  Is a bit of an alligator, in a fur coat! SInce Kandace wants him for a protection dog, we don't discipline him for attaching onto legs and arms, just try to distract.  Hope were doing the right thing.  Let us know. Pup was at club tonight, for socialization, Everyone was really impressed.  Thank you so much.  Second fabulous dog we've bought from you.
Take care.


Deb and Kanxxxxxxxxx
   Moc Dekuji!!!  I am increasingly happy and impressed with our new puppy and if my budget was anywhere near my passion and interest, I would be getting several other little Czech puppies, your DVD set, Bloodline chart, and making it to your annual workshop. I had heard that the airlines may not want to attach the DVDs and I was not concerned when it wasn't on the crate, since the most important part was in it.  I have been curious about these dogs for many years, and I am thankful to you for helping to make our introduction a positive one.  It is hard not to think about getting another pup...
Freeda z AlpineK9
Here Toby's unsolicited post from Ripoff.com

I was googling Alpine K9's website to refer to a friend when I came across this bizarre series of exchanges. Frankly I find the complaint so crazy that is must be spurrious. 

I am 53 years old and live in Colorado.  I have owned 7 German Shepherd dogs and one Siberian Husky. After the death of our 6th GSD, a fine untrained German import, my wife and I started looking for an importer of European line GSD's who were already fully trained.  During this search I came across Alpine K9 and Mr Hans Blabla.  Several e-mails and phone conversations ensued during which I described exactly what type of dog I was looking for. This correspondence included my desire for a rather unique personality trait in the dog. Mr Blabla was very attentive and took my description with such seriousness that I asked him to start doing inquiries for me.  About a week later Mr Blabla notified me that he had located a dog in Prague that met every one of my stringent requirements.  We discussed price, payment and shipping arrangements.  All went exactly as discussed. The dog, named Alf, arrived at the Lufthansa's Cargo terminal in Denver, CO exactly as promised.  I loaded the container into my SUV with two quizical eyes peering at me from inside the container.  When I arrived home I opened the container and out walked one of the most beautiful GSD's I have ever laid eyes on.  A few days later Hans Blabla drove up to our home from New Mexico and spent 3 days in our home where he taught us all the Czech voice commands we needed to successfully communicate with the dog.  We found Hans to be a an amazing source of knowledge concerning dog psychology and behavior.  We also found him to be an absolutely wonderful house guest.

Alfie, our Alpine K9 GSD is the finest dog I've ever owned.  He goes everywhere with us and is so well trained that he has never surprised us with any unusual behavior or unexpected problems.  At 8 years old he his happy, healthy and a complete joy.  He is so popular with our friends that they almost fight over the opportunity to house sit for us when we are away.

The complaint against Hans Blabla reads more like bizarre fiction than fact to me.  There's also something almost disturbing to me in the tone of the complaint.  Look, this man stayed in our home in addition to being the source for the best GSD' I've ever owned.  Frankly, I do not give one bit of credence to the complaint.

Lastly, all our papers were in order and the registration happened in exactly the way it was described.  No problems. I will buy my next GSD from Alpine K9 without reservation.

From: Tobin T..........
To: alpineK9@yahoo.com
Sent: Tuesday, July 17, 2012 4:51 PM

Hi Hans,

I was surfing the web and came across this crazy post on a site called Ripoff Report.  I responded to it telling everyone what a wonderful dog Alf is and how pleased we were with you and everything you did for us.  I also mentioned you stayed in our home with us and were the perfect houseguest.  I assume from reading the post that the woman is a mental case!

I just wanted you to know your friends are watching your back.

I hope you are well.

Alf is an amazing dog of 8.  He's happy, healthy and goes everywhere we go.  We will be forever in your debt for bringing him to us.
From: xxxxxxxxx
To: AlpineK9@Yahoo.com
Sent: Monday, August 13, 2012 9:05 PM
Subject: Lxxxx Family

Dear Hans,

  I bought a dog from you 9 years ago. Two of my children came with me from Tucson to pick him out. I bought him as a present for my son, Sam. Today, Sam is now 17.  Unfortunately, in the past month we had to put him to sleep. You should know, you sold us the best dog ever. Strike was friendly, gentle and very well behaved. Im Shalom from Brake Masters, if that helps you remember me. Along with this email I am going to attach a picture of Strike. I would recommend your dogs to everyone. We all miss Strike dearly.

Thank you very much.
~The Lxxxxx Family
From: LeRoy G................
To: Hans from AlpineK9.com <alpinek9@yahoo.com>
Sent: Monday, August 20, 2012 8:06 AM
Subject: Fwd: rex

Hans,  here is my Rex, Bady X Caribe, on training day yesterday.  He
is outstanding.  Has a ton of drive and is doing fantastic for 8
months and 1 week old.  The best purchase I have ever made. 
Thanks again.

LeRoy G........, Fresno, Calif

From: Gary S
To: Hans Alpine K9 <alpinek9@yahoo.com>
Sent: Tuesday, September 4, 2012 5:45 PM
Subject: FW: Bob and G

HI Hans

Bob is great, I really enjoy him, he's the best, I try and take him everywhere with me, a couple of pics attached, hope you you and Debbie are doing great and she is feeling well.

Talk to ya later,

Gary Spell.
From: Patricia
To: AlpineK9@Yahoo.com; jinopo@jinopo.cz
Sent: Sunday, September 2, 2012 9:55 AM
Subject: Hello from Irna aka Pita

Hello Hans
Just sending a photo of our girl now that she is going on 11 months September 6th. She probably weighs now around 40 kg, and has been kept thin as she grows up. I weighed her a few months ago at 36.5 kg. She missed me for a few months from mid-April to mid-June when I was stateside. Our daughter had knee surgery. I came back and then my husband went to Afghanistan. He will return in January 2013. He will be surprised to see how much Pita has matured. She works weekly in training for search. I am friends with two fellows here who are part of the Valencia Search and Rescue. And they work with me to train her, slowly as she is maturing. They are very impressed with her, she has an excellent nose and a lot of power, she takes the tug hard and is really very strong, and always persists with her search until she succeeds. She also is a very well mannered and obedient social dog. And she transitions from work to home effortlessly, always stays by my side, rides quietly in the truck. But one whiff of her tug and she's all business again, barking fiercely and loudly to demand it. In the picture she was down waiting for me to hide her toy, the walkway between the house and the garage makes a nice place for her to wait, so she cannot see where I hide her toy. I then return to her and we set out together to find it. Her bite is with the top teeth in the front about 30-40% down over the bottom lower teeth, which is an improvement from being almost down to the gum line. Hope sometime when we are training to get a nice video of her to send. I did receive her documents in the mail when I was back in NY. Take care, and have a nice fall,


From: Zarifxxxxxxxxx>
To: alpinek9@yahoo.com
Sent: Wednesday, September 5, 2012 4:36 PM
Subject: your pup


As promised. Here are some pictures of the dog I bought from you in Nov of 2010. His name is Mikah. He is exercised every single day without exception. I ride my bike and he runs next to me for about 2.5 miles. Then it's just casual walking for another mile. I almost never make him run full speed or jump high. So no high impact exercises. To be completely honest with you, I have not seen a dog in better shape that he is.

Thank you for talking me out of neutering him way back then.

I will also post a testimonial on the forum.

Have a good day and keep up the good work.


To: AlpineK9@Yahoo.com; jinopo@jinopo.cz
Sent: Sunday, October 7, 2012 12:18 PM
Subject: Pita's (Irna's) First Birthday

I shared some special time with Pita on her birthday October 6th. Allowing her to do some searching for fun at home. I joined together the five video clips I made and added some music. Here is the link. She is really doing a great job with her fun toy searches and her working searches with a victim and tug. She is really a wonderful dog. I am not allowed to train with or be apart of the UCR Valencia, because I am not Spanish. BUt two memeber of the team I am friends with try to train with me a few times a month on the side. I do observe the training, and when the Bombers from Andorra come they allow me to observed and share a lot of advice for me. Last week they trained here in Valencia two days. I have to tell you, Pita's nose and work ethics, put a majority of the Valencia team dogs to shame, even as a young progressing dog. You should be very proud of the excellent drive and raw talent the dogs have and their suitability to live in the home with families and children. Thank you. Patricia Penree

This is the post on my Facebook page with the video giving a shout out to you both thanking you for Pita!

October 6th 2012 was the first birthday of our Shepherd Girl, Pita. She and I have been training with the help of my good friends Juan Montagud Ruiz and Javier Sanchez, who are members of the UCR Valencia or the Unit of Canine Rescue of Val encia. For her birthday, I gave to her as a present her favorite activity. Searching. First we did an outside search, where she was in the down position and had a general idea where I went to hide her toy. Then she was required to wait in the house on the rug for the remaining searches, so she could not see me hid her toy. She had an easy search the second time out, and a little more difficult the third search. Then I made a short video of the yardwhile she waited inside when I hid her toy for the long search. And finally the last video I took was just about 2:30 seconds,for her long search. When she finished her day of work, after a short rest, she had a chicken cake with a cheese candle. I am really proud of her, she is doing a great job now waiting, and really moves out for her search when she hears her okay to go command. Happy Birthday Pita, you are a beautiful and talented girl! Many thanks to  Hans at AlpineK9.com for sending us just the perfect dog for our family!

Click to Watch her VIDEO
Hi Hans,

Just checking in to say hello. Enrique turned two on May 9th and as of July 15th, I will have had him for exactly one year. I sent you my request with what I was looking for and you delivered perfectly. Having had the opportunity to work two dogs before him, he easily steals the show. I can assure you that if you're still brokering dogs after he's no longer around, I'll be coming to you for the next one as well. Enrique is dual purpose as promised. He is certified as a narcotics detector by NNDDA and he is also working in a patrol capacity. I looked on your website at the tab for dogs you've sold and was disappointed I didn't see him there. Attached are some pics you may enjoy.

Thanks again,
Sgt. Thomas Schenek
South Tucson Police Department
This is Jerome from St.Louis. Hans I bought a male pup from you in February I'm more than satisfied. Hans you are a master breeder trainer .I was looking at the dogs you have sold. Nobody period can match your dogs nobody .I have heard a lot of talk and seen a a lot of Bull Shit.Your organization is in a league that stands by itself above all I have dealt and seen .You are Americas best Kept Secret .I solicit your dogs and services to every k9 officer I come in contact with.Thanks again for my Boy he came out of ynusa and xebo Be well Jerome 

From: susan ----------- <susan--------@hotmail.com>
To: hans <alpinek9@yahoo.com>
Sent: Saturday, September 26, 2015 3:45 PM
Subject: training and reference

Hi Hans,

Just a quick update. Shortly after that last email we worked out a way for the dogs to be separated. Molly is now upstairs in my room and Joan is in the laundry room. They are just about done their heat with no fights! Molly is doing well. She accepted me as her dominant.  What a difference! It is so nice to have peace in the house. They still wear muzzles when they play outside but they are actually playing so this is great! I don’t know why I doubted that advice. Thank you.


We had always had dogs, mainly rescue dogs never had a purebred so when we decided we wanted a purebred German Shepard. I came across Alpine K9 during my research and  we bought a black female. She was so small and adorable. I fell in love we went everywhere together. Then at around 7 months old she turned aggressive. I should have called Hans but I didn’t. We spent a lot of money on training but it did no good. Shortly after 2 years I had enough . I called Hans to return her. He suggested that we come down for training.  It worked out that we could go this July.  In a week of training Hans showed us how to handle her properly. It was never her ,  I learned how to be dominant. ( I thought I was before ) . It wasn’t magical she didn’t all at once start listening it was a process  but now it is the end of September and we can walk among people. She listens and happily does what I tell her to.She looks to me for guidance.  I so wished I had called Hans when I started having problems.  I think Alpine K9 has some of the best dogs .Molly is beautiful girl and very intelligent  and I’m very happy with her. Hans  is very knowledgeable and approachable. I would and have recommended Hans and his Kennel to anyone looking for a quality dog.