Hello Hans,
I just wanted to drop you a quick line and tell you thanks again for such a wonderful girl.  I am sorry, I am slacking on getting the pictures out of her to you. 

I could not have asked for a better dog.  She is very tolerant of
everyone, but very wary at the same time.  She has no aversion to other dogs or cats....apparently regardless of the size.  Her best friend now is a 4lb Chihuahua.  They play constantly.  The girls, 3yrs old and 7yrs old, love her and she plays ball with them for hours.  Course they have difficulty with the out, but whos keeping score!  She is extremely protective of them and always knows what is going on. 

Thank you again, I love my dog and could not have asked for better.  Oh and by the way, she is terribly spoiled and still sleeps on the foot of the bed!  I will send pics soon!

Thank you!





Its XYZ from Wa state. I am sorry I didn't get that
female from you. Let me tell you I have talked to a few..well more than a few breeders here in the
states that have nothing but respect for you and THAT was what was missing for me..trust!  I have learned not to trust just anyone, but have talked to
several of my friends in the work here in the US, and they said YES Hans is THE MAN and gets good pups, and his word is good. So having said that, I would ask you, please, to look for me a Dark Sable or Bi colored female now, or again. 

I am sorry...and hope we can work this out?  Keep looking at your site, and Piko Brett/ Jirkova Dvorka looks like what I am looking for, now I dont know what they are made of but  I am sure you wouldnt stick your neck out for JUST any pup.
Talk to your folks and let me know wont you?

Thank you sir
Dear Jiri and Jan ("Hans"):

Logo Aites Bohemia arrived at San Francisco Airport yesterday in 
perfect condition and in very fine spirits. All his papers and certificates were in perfect order, and we cleared customs and arranged pickup in less than 30 minutes.
When I first saw him in the   shipping crate, he was quiet and self-possessed. I
removed him from   the crate, put on the collar and lead I had brought,
and took him to   the nearest patch of green where he immediately relieved himself.   When we got into the car, he whined a bit for the first ten minutes, and then settled down for the rest of our one hour drive.

I would like to thank both of you very much for making my purchase so easy and pleasant, not to mention facilitating his transportation PetAir. The whole process was handled with great professionalism and kindness. So far, he is everything I had hoped he would be, with one exception: it is clear to me that when you
got him ready to travel, you installed the wrong pair of ears and the wrong front paws.

They are far too big for him, and I am sure they must belong to another dog at your kennel. When you find the right ones, I would appreciate your sending them to me, and I will return the ones he has now.

Just wanted to let you know about the progress of the excellent dogs that we have purchased thru Hans at Alpine.  They are doing very well, Body Jipo-me earned his Sch I at just over 2 years of age.  He is a wonderful dog with tons of drive, steady nerves, great energy, and a lovely steady temperament.

Ajsa Glitch now has her Sch II and is a great favorite in the area.  Everyone wants to own her, including the judges!  She is well on her way to becoming a top sport dog.

Barna and China will get their titles in the fall.  Barna is a very serious dog and is coming on well.  She was bred to Body last summer and produced a lovely litter of 4, 2 males and 2 females, who are now 8 months old.  They are working well, show
tremendous ball drive and are just beginning on the sleeve.  The two little girls, Ixe and Igroshka, ( Mambo X Puci) are dynamite.  Very high ball drive, going super on the sleeve, and beginning to run blinds.

Thanks you for sending such wonderful additions to the family.
North Carolina, USA
Hello, how are you?

Thanks for emailing me back so soon about Nela's papers coming . That is great I am so glad that they are going to be here so soon. I just wanted to tell you Thank You so much and I am so impressed with how helpfull you have been with the whole process of getting Nela and picking a great stud for her and always being there no matter what question I had for you. Coming to you was the best
decision we could of made to find such a great dog . We really appreciate how
smooth and non stressfull you have made the whole experience of purchasing an
Imported dog .

Talk to you soon Christy


I just wanted you to know I took Bax for a chiropractic appointment with the rest of my guys.  The Veterinarian that saw him works all over the Midwest to include many Police Departments.  He works on their working dogs to keep them in shape.  He first asked me to work him a bit for him and asked how much I worked him which is about 2 1/2 hours of work and play a day for the 2 Shepherds.  He told me that Bax was one of the Structurally best Shepherds he had ever seen, not to mention he really liked his temperament.

Dr. Weaver stated, he wished all the police K9's he worked on were this well put together.  He made several call through the day and asked for all of the information on where and how I got him.  I gave him all of your website information.  Hans had also given me acard which I gave him also.
Thank You again, Heidi

I have been meaning to write this for a while now.  You were right, of course, I should have bought a trained adult instead of a puppy.  While Dart is certainly a great puppy and our training sessions, both with you and aloine are a lot of fun.  It amazes me how much time is needed to train a puppy to become a well trained adult.  The price of a trained adult seems high at first glance but the cost is actually VERY REASONABLE when one figures out how much time must be spent training to arrive at the finished product.  The trained dogs that you showed us had obtained their ZVV1 titles and were well behaved and good looking dogs and they would have been great additions to our family.  None of us would trade our puppy Dart for anything but one thing is clear.  It would have been easier and cheaper to have bought a trained adult!  That said, your training techniques really work.  Dart is impressing all of the people we meet including some very knowledgeable Schutzhund people.  But if anyone who wants to buy a trained dog from you but think that they are to expensive, have them give me a call.

Hello Hans,

I was taling to you a couple days ago; I'm Dorreen the german Lady :-)
Well just wanted to tell you again that you really have great dogs, I think even one of the best here in America.
My husband and I fell in Love with "Yeta" the Moment we saw her, but they are all really great dogs.  I know it because I have a lot Exp with DDR/EastEuropean Shepherds.
You know what dog I like a lot too?  "Maro"
He is still young, he will(is) a wonderful dog, I Know I told you that I don't want a male, but "Maro" I would take right a way.  He got everything I look for in a dog.
How mych you sell him?  are you going to keep him too like "Amor"?  I bet he is an exceptional male.
OK, hope to save my money so fast as possible or maybe I'll win the Powerball.

To: alpinek9@yahoo.com
Sent: Mon, July 5, 2010 7:21:12 AM
Subject: george is a genetic treasure

Everybody likes our new pup George including my wife and mother.  The big difference between George and the other dog I had is he is able to shutdown after play.  He isn't so prey driven that he is uncontrollable.  When you want him to be calm he is calm.  He retrieves and gives you the ball and is house broken.  Uses the doggy door and etc.  From the first night on since he was here he hasn't let out a peep at night.  He sleeps the whole night through.  Please send that puppy care file thanks.
Hi Hans,

I haven't had time until now to contact you, but the pup arrived in good condition at the airport in Detroit Michigan. She is doing quite well. Thank you so much for your assistance. You and Jiri are truly men of honor. It's rare in this country today to find someone who still stands by their word. I commend you both. Be sure to pass this on to Jiri. Here is a picture of the pup with my wife who will be raising and handling her until she gets to be too much for her.

Thanks Hans.


Robert (Bob) H

I just wanted to shoot you a quick email and thank you again for an outstanding puppy. I couldn’t be more pleased with him. His ability to comprehend what I want is like no other animal I have ever worked with. We had two potty training accidents and that was the end of that. He only slept in a crate until he was 12 weeks and now sleeps in a bed next to mine, and we’ve had no issues with chewing or any other destructive behavior. I’m very impressed with everything about him.

Thanks again,
From Malaysia:
Hello Mr. Hans,

Firstly I am very pleased with the speed you replied the mail. You are the first breeder that has done this. 70% did not even reply me or just plain not interested in my purchase.

I am impress with your knowledge and sincerity. I like you and your dogs and i trust that you will select the best pup for me.
Looking forward to working with you.


From police chief in Texas.

I first want to tell you that Agar is everything I could have ever hoped for him to be. We have spent this first weekend doing nothing but bonding and he has come around really fast.  I don't move without him watching and trying to go with me. He is extremely tolerant of my grandchildren and my other animals. He appears at this point to be a perfect match.  I will keep you posted on his progress and what he does.

Chief G S MA
Hi Hans...

Just wanted to let you know that we picked up the puppy and she is doing great.  We are very happy with Darka.  She has a great head, very nice conformation, and she's biting everything in sight...just what we were looking for!
Thanks, Hans!

Remember that cartoon 30-40 years ago? I can't get that song out of my head! George is doing really well. I have him doing scent pads now on my own with my wifes help. He also goes through plastic tubes, goes up slide steps; and over plastic swaying bridges at the kiddies play ground with no problem and no fear. He loves it. He takes all my spare time which i dont mind. I will probably use the dog club for mainly obedience around other dogs when he is older. I probably will find a GOOD personal protection trainer for the bite work. I really would like to get maybe just a Schutzhund I and stop after that just for breeding purposes for you guys. I would never breed a dog like George with out consulting with Hans. I'm not into producing s---y dogs.

August 20, 2010
Hi Hans,
I want to thank you for the outstanding male puppy that you sent to me. He was everything that you said he would be and more. Only after the second day in his new home, he was barking with a deep and fast bark at people passing by. He is only eight weeks of age and already he is watching over my family and I. I had german shepherd dogs all my life and they did not show this behavior until they were around four or five months of age. I heard from some dog people that working line dogs have too much drive and are hyper. So naturally I was hesitant at first about bringing this type of german shepherd dog into a family atmosphere. I wanted a dog that would be a good family protection dog and at the same time a dog that would settle down and not drive my family and I crazy. Hans, you explained to me that while there are working dogs with a lot of drive, there are also working line dogs that can settle. You are correct, the puppy settles down nicely yet can work. Also the puppy is a beautiful bi-color dog with coloring that is not common any more. Many german shepherd dogs today have faded coloring. The dark color on this puppy is rich and even his paws have the rich coloring.  I want to say that you tell it like it is and do not sugar coat anything when it comes to the puppies and dogs that you have. It is nice to talk with someone who will tell you the good and the bad about the puppies and dogs that he has. You will say when you think that a dog or puppy is not suitable for that person. Wow, that is rare to hear a breeder and/or broker say that today. Lastly, Debbie has been a great help with the details about the puppy including all the paper work and the shipping of the puppy. It was a pleasure and easy when I picked up the puppy from the airport. Everything was in order. I want to wish you and Debbie the best!
A. M.
New York
Howdy Hans and Debbie,

Attached is photo of Rocco and me. Rocco is doing well. I had a few questions about training. I do not have a clue on how to train him. Just the last few days he has started to mind very well. And at what time should I consider bringing him to you for some protection training? Rocco spent the summer at the ball park around children and is really good with all kids. I just want him to learn to protect our family. And I want him to be very obedient.
We will be spending Christmas in Phoenix this year. I would like to make appointment to bring Rocco to you during this time. We will be there December 23rd to January 1st. Please let me know what you think.


R. V. JR

Quint x Erin
Zombie x Nero
Hi Hans,
Thanks SO much for your kindness and all that I have learned from you already. By the way, please don't stop posting about dogs on the PDB because I think your knowledge is a godsend to many people including myself.  Just ignore the stupid people that look for fights.....they must have very little in there lives if they have to behave that way!

Hi Hans & Debbie,
   I just wanted to send along an update on Zombie...  She is nothing short of FANTASTIC!  I just love her to pieces and I think she kind of likes me too!  :-)     I am sure I am just "butchering" the pronunciation of the Czech commands but she is very forgiving!   I think her understanding of German & English is much better than my Czech!  :-)
   She arrived and settled in like she had been here all her life.  She loves to play, has discovered how much fun a baby pool full of water can be, and has thoroughly impressed everyone at training!  She is more than I ever could have hoped for!  She loves to cuddle and is very affectionate.  She also never takes her eyes off me for more than a moment as she is romping around the yard.  She is great in the car and loves to ride.  She is the perfect ambassador for the German Shepherd and is quite impressive when she decides I may need to be protected one moment and the next she is cuddling with the kids at training.  
   Thank you so much for the perfect girl!

Hans - ..................................  "Rocco".  The pup is doing great.  He has his a basic level of obedience in him now and we are working every day to sharpen him up.  He's doing great with the kids - he loves them and they love him.  And he's very protective of the house already - he is wary of everyone who comes in the house and barks at anyone he hasn't heard or seen before.  Great pup

I just wanted to say that I love the puppy(CarlyxFibi). He is everything  I wanted to see in a pup, confident, friendly, smart and willing to please.  I could not be more pleased with him.

Ch..... E.... 
Here's the future Oakland's best...Froman z AlpineK9 at 5 mo.

D. W.
Police Officer
Canine Unit Coordinator
Special Operations Section
Hans and Debbie,

Thank you both for taking the time to show us your wonderful dogs today.  I must say that just seeing how well they are taken care of and meeting “Quint” quickly ensured us that we are making the right decision by choosing a puppy from the “Bryta/Quint” litter as well as you as a breeder.  We really look forward to coming back up in November to choose our specific puppy; I appreciate you allowing us to do that.

K9 Chosen Name: Katalina Z AlpineK9 (Aka Kata)

Paul and Lisa G...
Hello Hans, I am just sending some pictures of our boy a couple here at the house and a couple up at our moutain  property. He is really growing and doing so well.He had his rabies last week and he did well with the vet. He is riding well and he is doing real good around the horses. Much to tell you I will call.

Yes you are correct, Iro came from you.  Iro was only one yr. old. Iro has matured into the best working dog I've ever had the pleasure to handle. Iro is patrol and bomb certified and has done some great things for this country, myself and his breed. This dog is one hell of an ambassador for his breed. We have traveled all over the world and worked in all different environments from Disneyland to Afghanistan and nothing has fazed Iro he is confident, loyal and very passionate  about his work. Here are some pics of Iro and myself, we work for the State Department ( I'm a former Marine).

Yes Iro is my K9, my best friend and apart of my soul. I'm a Independant contractor for the State department, I own Iro and I'm the only one that handles him. Yes you can use any pictures I send you. I'm nothing special just a bomb dog handler. I had to pass a certification test to be hired by the agency. Iro and I were the only team to pass this test the first time through. Most teams have to re take the test at least twice. We have competed in several Police K9 trials and the lowest we ever placed was third overall. Since I've been deployed we have encountered some difficult situations and Iro has never faltered he has always been a rock solid performer. This dog not only works perfect he is very social great with everyone but very loving with me. I have a bond with this dog that goes deeper than words can explain. Please understand that I've been a handler since 1989. I've handled alot of German shepherds and Iro is by far above and beyond anything else I've handeled. Even the sport people that have evaluated Iro have all been very impressed with him. Iro just understands how to act properly in all situations. When love is nessecary he gives it when a threat is present he only responds appropriately to the threat level , by this I mean he's not going over board in his protection phase unless it's needed this dog gauges situations perfectly. If the shit hits the fan he's in the fight all day long. I've seen to many K9's come out of the box ready to kill and then fizzle out very quickly this is a big issue over here with alot of dogs reguardless if they are patrol or bomb. I wish I could tell you specifics on what Iro has done here but I'm not permitted, you would be beaming with pride. I can't thank you enough for importing a dog like this.  Iro is serving our country and that's what this dog was born to do. Hans if you can duplicate this type of dog again I would be greatfull. I will be home by the end of the year and I have no problem bringing Iro to your kennel to check him out and so I can find another dog. Iro turned seven yesterday and I've got the clock ticking on him due to his age I figure that I have another year and a half before retirement if all goes well. So the search starts now for my next adventure withy next dog and I figured you hit a home run picking this dog maybe another home run would he possible!

Hello Mr. Hans and Ms. Debbie

I wanted to send you both a quick update and a heartfelt thanks.  Lyda is above and beyond what we were looking for.  Already, in her short time here she has bonded and adapted to our family.  She is such a love.  Her personality and intelligence is incredible.  It took her no time at all to win us all over and fit right into our routines.  She is so good with my sons and has adapted her behavior to each ones level of trust.  It is unbelieveable.  I have attached a few pictures and will update you periodically.  Thank you so very much again.

The M......... Family

Scott, Dawn, Alan, Jack, and Lovely Lyda

Hey HAN'S ITS TONY. Orfey got another apprehension last night. Barrow County deputies had a drive by shooting and the suspect took off running on foot. Me and Orfey and Jason responded and started tracking the guy. About an hour and 15 minutes into our track, orfey pulled me into some thick, thick brush and started hopping around trying to find the easiest way to get to the bad guy. Well anyway. Orfey located him hidding under a bunch of brush in some swamp water and appreheded him on his right arm. Orfey did great tracking and apprehending him. Another bad guy in jail.  1 point -Orfey 0 points- badguy


I would first like to tell you that Jake is doing extremely well. He is by far the best German Shepherd that I have ever seen. I always receive the best compliments about him, and have recommended your kennel to many of those people. On your page, it states that I should get with you about training. I currently live in an area where there are not many trainers or groups I feel I could use to assist me. Do you train dogs for a certain period and then ship them back? If so could you let me know of the rates. He is currently about 9 mo now. I have been working with him but feel that he should be further along.

Thanks, I hope you and Debbie are doing well.


just thought I'd let you know that my experience with you and Alpine K-9 so far,  just got posted to Face Book. It is a good plug for your kennel and you deserve it. I want you to know how much I appreciate your decision to honor the warranty, sight unseen on my word. I'm sure my dissatisfaction is an isolated incident.  I've also sent emails to everyone on my contacts list. If anyone I know is looking for or even just thinking about purchasing a puppy/dog, I want to make sure they consider Alpine K-9. It's kinda like finding a gold mine or maybe a fishin' hole where you never get skunked!  I want my family and close friends to share in it! Uncommon honesty is what it's all about and it breeds positive word of mouth; and a well thought out web site along with your unending support..... is just icing on the cake!
                                                                       Thnx again, Glen M.

Hello Hans, this is the bi-color male from Nero and Zombie. This picture was taken this week. ......... My father named him Capo which means "boss" in Italian. Capo is eight months old in this picture because he was born in the beginning of June,2010 and this is the beginning of February.
Sincerely Yours,
Anthony M.
Hans and Debbie,

   Just thought I would send a few photos of Vypir .... at the Schutzhund club. They call Vypir "lightning" because he is SO QUICK! Several people have said that he has great conformation and pigmentation. He sure catches everyone's eye! Anyway's, I hope it put's a smile on your face to see his pictures. As soon as we can practice in the daylight I can get some good protection pix of him. My trainer is going to make a video of him and if it comes out good then I will send you a copy. Take care!

Kim and VYPIR

Dear Hans,

I’ve been out of touch for a long time, but think of you very often. Today, on Regin’s second birthday, I just had to send a note to tell you that he’s the most incredible German Shepherd Dog I could ever have hoped or wished for, and more. Thank you so very, very much for arranging for me to be able to have him, and for all your help in advising me as to how to care for him properly as a small pup.

More to follow.

Very best wishes,


            Thank you!!!  Ambra is everything that I could have hoped for I have to be honest I was scared I have really been screwed over by several GSD Breeders. Ambra is better looking than her pictures. She seems to have a very easy going personality and you would think I raised her from a pup she lets me do anything to her and she loves all over me like she has been with me her whole life. I hope you can come to New Orleans sometime so I can show you some real southern hospitality you are tops in my book!!! Can't wait to get the URF/GAMA pup!!!

Thanks Again
This was one of the more difficult puppy dog - owner starts . But now read this. I just want to show here how wonderful our dogs are and what support we get from them.

Published with permission.

Dear Hans,
Hope you remember me & my Levi girl. We lived in L. H. So much has happened in the last 6 mos. Jxxx attempted suicide & survived 3 mos. after a shot to the head. He passed away 9-13. There are no words to describe the hell we've been through. We were on the road for days on end, sometimes sleeping in the SUV. Throughout this time Levi has proven to be an incredible spirit of strength, loyalty, intelligence and love. How I love that dog. Without God's guidance and her devotion I doubt I would have survived either. You have bred some fine dogs & have much to be proud of. Thank you for holding to your values. When that most awful of days come that I lose her I will reach out to you again for another companion, although none will ever replace her. Feel free to contact me any time. I hope all is well with you & that you continue to provide the world with the most remarkable GSDs.

Hi Mr. Hans, on behalf of my daughter I want to thanks for the excellent info. you and your business partner shared with us. My daughter (the owner of the sable female) was thrill with your seminar. She is a sweet grateful kid,you can tell by the enthusiastic way of saying thanks to you and your partner, while other kids of her age look forward as their heroes some scum bag rapper musician or rock star you two guys a definitely her heroes for been the persons that made possible that she have the dog that she owns today(Mr. Schultz too).

I bought this female when I was divorcing her mom, so raising her had keep her mind occupy and ease her suffer.Her mom of course thought i was crazy and rise some hell giving it away for the thought that they will be protected by the dog in case they need it. This child had become so attach to this animal that she had even compromised her safety to protect her puppy, that at a given time was almost attach by a pit bull, she deterred the attack kicking the hell out of the damn thing. So I want to thank you again for making this excellent dogs available in the USA. Her dog have made a huge difference in her live making her a more mature and responsible kid

Hi Hans
Thanks for a wonderful pup ,we are very happy with Ogar ,now 5 months old , he's very active and intelligent. Your guidance and expertise was very helpful picking out this dog. Ogar is everything you promised ! We will begin training under the direction of John Soares, he is well known as a trainer , helper and  schutzhund competitor here in the New Jersey/New York area. I would appreciate you thanking all involved in bringing Ogar to me. I will be calling you from time to time informing you on Ogar's progress and asking for advise. Thank you again Hans.

...thank you much...I look forward to doing business with you one
day..>LOL>...you have a tremendous reputation, but more, the way you deal on
a personal level is very straight forward...making things clear and fair...I
remain, Jxxxx.

Hi Hans,

Sorry to bug you with emails - but I am hoping you will be happy to read this particular one.

I was on a GSD message board, and read a posting from a very unhappy lady named Sonia Berg.  Followed the links and all of her postings and repostings.  Went to the Ripoff reports.  The whole thing.  Tracked it front to back as a person who is interested in GSD breed, who is in Phoenix, and considering the possibility of buying a pup from you myself.

I will tell you this.  There is no such thing as bad publicity.

Listening to the endless ranting of this woman, you have hit the nail on the head.  She is wanting a free pup, and is trying to blackmail you into giving it to her.  I have met people from Wisconsin when I ran an internet business, that strangely were disposed to this.  I will bet you a case of beer - if you look her up - she has lived there. (laugh) 


The thing I am telling you - is she has not damaged your reputation.  Not with me.  I doubt with anyone.  If anything, after reading your repeated postings offering her money back, and shipping BOTH ways, I would be even more inclined to do business with you than before reading her posts.  Which is exactly he opposite effect she was hoping for.

I have never met you face to face.  Never been to your kennel in surprise.  Never bought a single thing from you.  And have no financial interest in this at all.  But I will say you carried your end with class and professionalism, going far beyond what I would expect to make a customer happy, even if she is as crazy as they come.  Not disputing anything - not forcing her to prove this or that.  But simply saying you would refund the money - and pay shipping both ways.  Period.  To make a customer happy.  To do right by the pup.  Nobody could ask for more than that.  And I bet that most will read it the same as I do.

I am actually - impressed!

Best of luck to you and your kennel.


Hey Hans,
Good news again, Niki makes his first drug bust on March 17 at 1313 hours. Niki gets marijuana after I was denied on a vehicle search.  Thank you.  1 day less than two months off the airplane.
Police chief.
Sxxxx M.

Oh before I forget it, I can't remember the guy I sat by name but we visited quite a bit. He's the k9 guy from the Arizona department of corections and he told me that he purchases a lot of dogs from you. but he mentioned to me one thing he really liked about your dogs was they were always healthier than the rest, they don't have many down days. Now thats a pretty significant statement as several of these topics lately have been about health issues. I know people that may have dogs from you or plan on it may be interested in that info. And I thought you would like to know.
This is what it is all about for me anyway.
Paul Corso is my friend and Roky is my dog.

http://www.gwinnettdailypost.com/localn ... 16259.html

My friends in Ga.
K....... and I took Lukke to club last night.  When we got there I asked if he would check out a new dog of ours.  He looked a bit grumpy about it, but said yes.  K..... and I both worked him on what you showed us to do.  He asked if he could have the tug and work him, we said yes.  Within a few minutes of him working him, he came to us and asked if I knew this was a World Class Dog?  Said yes we knew it.  He then asked what was I going to do with him?  I turned around and repeated the same question to him.

Worked lukke on the back tie, and then with two blinds.  Luke was lightning fast chasing down the decoy( which is the club trainer) and a super hard bite.  Everyone at club stood up and cheered and clapped.
He wanted K....... and I to come 4 days this coming week.  Club only meets twice so I'm a little surprised.  Will be going on Tues evening.  Will bring our video camera and film obedience and protection to send to you. 

I want to come back to AlpineK9 and learn more as soon as possible.  As soon as the lab schedule is up for K...... spring quarter this coming week, we will know what days we can do this.
Thank you again for finding this remarkable dog and for putting up with me.  I do so want to learn everything I can and your knowledge is amazing. 



I promise I will get you a picture or 2 of Niki and I working.  I am very proud of Niki.  After 1 and a half months of training he beat a lot of veteran dogs at the NNDDA Nationals.  Niki scored 28th against approximately 150 veteran dogs, including our other dog we have had for a year and a half who ranked 50.  Niki alerted on 7 finds in three minutes with no false alerts.  Really a smart dog that has learned really fast

Hans, Thanks again for your help in choosing a female pup for my needs.. She's awesome... She calmed down nicely for the long ride home in rush hour traffic of course.. When we got home i let her out and she has no fear.. she even came at me with a growl when i came in the garage door.. What a laugh i had.. Im very impressed with her already and look forward to seeing her pups in the future with Rino Jipo-Me (Tytus)
Thanks again Rory

Dear Hans and AlpineK9

We purchased Argo from you quite a while ago.

Argo is over 13. This is a old age for a large dog.
We had some issues to get over with argo when we first received him, however we understood that it takes time for this dog  to settle in.
Argo is a wonderfull dog and very affectionet with my wife.  My wife and I have had a wonderfull time together with argo. Argo has been a friend and companion when i went to work and also for my wife at home. Argo watched the house and 2 acres like a pro.   Also Argo protected me from a possible robbery at work by watching my back. i was aproached from the front while his friend tryed to sneak around behind me argo sensed it before i did and wouldnt have any of it. he tore the guys sleeve off his shirt and that ended the confontation.   Also Argo killed a large coyote about 55 -60 pounds a few years ago...we have had a problem with them for a couple of years.   Argo came out of that with a torn ear and a couple of bites that healed nicely, luckly no rabies were involved.  argo was lucky as we are lucky to still have him.  Argo listens very nice and is affectionet with us,but lets strangers know he is here .  Argo doesnt mind being with farm animals or chase them.  He like to tease and bark at them sometimes and what a deep booming bark he has. Accept of cource for that unlucky wiley coyoty that tried to steal from king argos property.  Now Argo sleeps alot, he still has a great apetite however is starting to get weak    i give him one asprine a day.   Argo has had a good life with people who loved him.

Hans and jiri we are very happy with argo thank you.

Ray and Laura Cogo
Hi Hans,

No problem about the pup being named already,  I figured that they would want to do that.  I am just happy that I can call him "Zeiv" for his personal name.  He is one awesome fellow!   The cargo company (Pet-air) was extremely polite and efficient,  my little guy arrived at San Francisco airport in great shape and ready to roll.  Customs was uncomplicated and accomidating, they were quick at assisting me and I got to my new pup right away.  At the airport, once inside the car, I let him out of the crate, he jumped into my lap, licked my face, curled up into a ball, and fell fast asleep.   He slept the whole way home in my lap (about one hour), did not move a bit!   As soon as we reached home, he woke up and was ready to roll!   Investigated the yard,  bold as brass, afraid of nothing, in fact, he heard a noise, and charged barking (tail and head) up towards it...already doing his job!    He follows me all over, tail wagging, eyes glowing and watches my every movement, he is attentive to other family members, but, will not leave me for them at all.  Zeiv had a good sized dinner, curled up on the bed I had for him and is sound asleep near my feet as I write this.   Oh, almost forgot, he goes to the door and yelps like crazy when he needs to go out for potty, obviously we are way far away from reliable housetraining, but, what a wonderful start.  His color, coat quality, bone structure and movement are superb, ears are small, nicely set and very erect.  I must say, he is everything I could have hoped for and so much more, beauty, courage, intelligence and loyality...he has shown me that and more in the short time I have had him with me.  I had asked for a "partner" to watch over me and work by my side, as far as Zeiv is concerned, he is already pulling his weight.  Please keep preserving this wonderful breed as he has come to me....not first at any one thing, but, second best at everything, with a will of fire and courage to pursue it.

best of wishes,
Kristie M. and Zeiv

hi hans i hope you and your family are very good, send you pictures of my dog gusto , gusto is an excelent dog very protective in mexico we need very protective dogs, we are very happy with him thankyou.

Hello Hans,

Just wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know how the puppy (Ohen) is doing.  We've had her a week now and "Saphira" is doing really well.  She made the 5 hour car trip home with only a little bit of howling and carrying on.  :)   Got her home and she seemed to settle in really quickly with no effort at all.   She's the boldest, bravest, pushiest pup I've ever encountered at such a young age!  I imagine she'll be a handful as a puppy but a great dog when she grows up.  She bites everything in sight and is tenacious about going after what she wants.  

Today we had an air show at a local airport a few miles from my house and they put on quite the display.  Saphira and I were in the backyard playing when a F-15 fighter jet did several fly bys over my house quite low.  The noise was incredible, setting off car alarms and rattling windows.  When it first flew by, my first instinct was to take her into the house so she didn't freak out over the noise (my other dog hates the yearly air show and freaks out at the low flying planes) but she stopped what she was doing, looked around, and went right back to playing with her toy that I was tugging for her!  I was amazed that it didn't bother her at all.  Such a brave girl!

Anyways, thank you again for such a wonderful puppy!  Also please thank your wife, Debbie for meeting us that day and letting us pick her up.

We just love her to bits already, even though we can't really snuggle the little shark! 



I trust you made it back to Arizona safe & sound.  Hopefully your drive back from Las Vegas was smooth sailing and uneventful.  I just wanted you to know that I cannot thank you enough for all that you've done for me:  from the day you received my first call and took the time to answer all my questions until this weekend when you delivered Sydney and spent days teaching me and working with us.

You have truly gone above and beyond anything I would have expected, and all clearly with the genuine intent to achieve the best transition for her, as well as the best life together for both of us.  You were nothing less than courteous and professional throughout the process, and I consider myself extremely lucky and blessed to have met you and found Sydney.  She is an amazing and beautiful creature, is getting along great with the boys, and is already watching over all of us as part of the family.

Finally, please give Debbie my best, and my gratitude as well for being on call and helping out from afar over the weekend.  That being said, please know that I look forward to future contact with you for additional training or simply follow up questions -- probably more than you bargained for.  As it was an extreme pleasure getting to know you, I wish you nothing but the best.


Charles "DEE"
Hello Hans and Debbie,

Just wanted to let you know the papers arrived.  Thanks so much.  Saphira is still doing fantastic.  The ears have lift off.  They've been up for the past 3 days.  No potty accidents in awhile and she is getting really good at speak, sit, down, stand, come, and a few steps here and there with focus heeling.  No leash or collar at all when doing this, just happy voice and some tasty treats!   She is the smartest little monster!  Loves the flirt pole and will bring us her toys to tug with her.  She just got her shots yesterday.  Weighs in at a hefty 20lbs but is quite slender and you can see her last rib and easily feel them so she's not fat just solid.  No puppy belly either.  Maybe she's just going to be big like Quint. :) 

Have a great holiday weekend!

Hello Hans, 

Blitz  had his vet check this morning.   He actually fell asleep on the exam table he was so laid back. 

Our vet  really liked him and his demeanor (when he wasn’t sleeping!).   She said she liked that he wasn’t like some of the other shepherds that come in that are so hyper and frantic and can’t focus on your face. 

She said he was a very healthy pup.    Heart, lungs, ears, eyes, joints, future man parts.   All good.   Fecal will be back on Monday from the lab.

Hans, I have to say I’m so impressed with how physically strong he is.   That long flight, and not a drop of messing  in his crate.   I gave him some food and water during the drive home from the airport.   He ate and drank, and didn’t get car sick.   He has had nice firm stools from the very first.   He is a joy in the house and seems to know that we’ll be going  outside for business.  While he is only in part of the house, we’ve not had a single accident.  Not even any of the usual puppy leakage I’m used to. 

He is just fitting in so well with us and the other dogs.   He asleep at my feet as I’m typing this note.

We’re expecting strong thunderstorms this afternoon.   We’ll see what he thinks of those!  But I dropped a skillet on the tile floor in the kitchen and he came bounding over to see what he had missed out on.   He’s just great!!!

Where has this type of dog been for the last 15 years of my life!!!

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Some of the dogs and puppies we have sold who just wanted to say HI!
Hello! It's the Thornton Family.  I wanted to send you some current pictures of Lukas Bojar!  He is such a beautiful and wonderful puppy.  I can't imagine our life without him.  He hangs out with his two legged brothers Chad (9) and Jacob (7) and acts just like one of the boys.   

We turned our sprinklers on the other day and Lukas loves the water.  He has knocked out several sprinkler heads much to my husbands dismay! 

Hope that you are doing well.

The Thornton Family
As promised, here are some pictures.  The one where we are hiking was taken just last year, along with the ones with him and his ball.  The close up of him was just in December, so you can see what I mean when I say that he doesn't look like he's a senior dog. Thank you again.  Feel free to use any of the pictures that you'd like to.