I am sure that sometimes you wonder, where are
all these great trained dogs coming From they are
not trained by local police dept They come from
guys from little villages in mountains in Europe.
Well here is one of them Mr. Pisa. He had a lot to
do with Chuligan and other great dogs.
Here we are at ZVV trials (also documented on 1hr tape
sold here) Mr Pisa,Novotny and Pokorny in relaxed
discussion. Trials are what you are doing on the
weekend...it is relaxed fun time. Night before there was
a party time with singing around a campfire and beer
..must not forget that. This is not a stress and gossip
event to which we are used to in USA SchH trials.
If it would not be for these people on this picture then
you would not know and never heard about Czech
PS(border patrol) dogs. From left here you see Jaroslav
Franc who promoted dark sable z Pohranicni straze
dogs. Next is Miroslav Pisa. For 40 years Mr. Pisa
helped to build the z PS( z Pohranicni straze) blood line.
His most famous dogs are Fred z Pisova, Inka z PS, Ilona
z PS, Bojar... , and recently Chuligan z PS. Next to me of
course is Mr Novotny who virtually created these
exceptional bloodlines and on Mr Novotny's right site is
his today partner and former Czech border patrol
officer Mr Pokorny. And then of course is me who
brought these dogs into USA and every continent of the
world except Antarctica. Otherwise I am quite humble.
Here you see Mr. Jiri Novotny with DARGO Ha-Ja-Da
just before the competition where he obtained one of
his first titles. I guess you can say it is a picture of a
legend in the making. Dargo is now one of the best
working dogs in the world. Look at "Studs in Czech
republic" at this web site.

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